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Invitation to the Submarine Enthusiasts Fair, May 5, 1938

The party-goers in the submarine where the dancing is happening are going to have a blast!

The party-goers in the submarine where the dancing is happening are going to have a blast!

Dear Submarine Enthusiast,

You’re invited to the fourth annual Submarine Enthusiasts Fair![i] We are so excited for all of the entertainment and treats that we have prepared for our fellow submarine lovers this year.

Here is the pertinent information:

When: Saturday, May 21, 1938

Where: 200 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of North Carolina.

Who: All you submarine enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic chapter[ii]

Why: Because it’s fun![iii]

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

–       An entertainment sub—with music and sketches, viewable through the portholes of your own sub

–       Sub history sub—visit the sub history sub for information about submarine history (visitors must come on board before we descend)[iv]

–       Food submarine!—picnic fare will be served to anyone who happens to be in the dining sub

We certainly hope you’ll join us![v]


Edward Branson

National President, Submarine Enthusiasts of America

[i] The first-ever fair was actually planned for 1929 but had to be canceled because it seemed inappropriate to celebrate submarines in the wake of the stock market crash.

[ii] At the time, there were eight members.

[iii] Invitation writers in modern times no longer promise anything of the sort on their invitations for fear of being sued.

[iv] Though we applaud the attempt to inject some historical education into the event, the sub history sub was poorly researched.

[v] Branson prudently left out mention of the $500 cost of attendance and the requirement to bring your own sub.


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