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Pre-Seamless Web dinner order, 1915

Please provide plastic forks and paper plates for a pic-nic style dinner.

Dear Mrs. Russoni of Russoni’s Italian Eatery,[i]

I would like to place an order to be delivered to our house in Somerset in several weeks. Though we are not Italians ourselves, we want to show our unity in the war[ii] by eating food from your fine establishment. It would be unheard of to be seen at such a place, but we do enjoy your homemade pastas.[iii] Therefore, we would like to purchase one dinner special with vegetable lasagna and a soda water[iv], and for the appetizer breaded mozzarella. We’d also like to get an order of eggplant parmigiana but not the dinner special, just on its own.[v] Please deliver this dinner to the back door of the house (see hand-drawn map on back of this page)[vi] on the evening of the 20th. We’d like the breaded mozzarella well-done.

I hope my handwriting is clear.

With thanks in advance for a delicious meal,

John Morrison and family

[i] Russoni’s Italian Eatery is still an unpopular restaurant in Somerset, New Jersey. The service has not improved.

[ii] The little-known Italian-American-Brazilian War Of 1915.

[iii] Made with eggs shipped in annually from Italy.

[iv] This suggests the Morrisons were extremely well-to-do.

[v] The dinner special was really a much better deal.

[vi] In the days before GPS, a dinner order might be lost for days, during which the family would snack on bread until, by the time the food arrived, they were no longer hungry.


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