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Betty Friedan’s agent to W.W. Norton editor, October 1962

Hoo boy she's a looker.

Hoo boy she’s a looker.


How’s it hangin’? How’s Marjorie and the kids?

Listen now, I want you to stop whatever you’re doing because boy, do I got the book for you! It’s called The Feminine Mystique. Doesn’t that sound like a winner? It’s a sweet book by a real pretty lady. Let me tell ya, she’ll make for a great author photo on the back flap, not like that Virginia Woolf or whoever. Her name’s Betty and she wants to write about kitchens and ladies and what not. College-educated gal, but I don’t think she’ll give you too much trouble with her fee. I haven’t read the whole thing, but I flipped through and I just know the housewife market is going to be going goo-ga for it.

Anyway, take a look or just trust me and publish the dang thing! You won’t regret it.



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