Letter to the Editor Regarding News Coverage, June 1914


Throughout history, the media has tragically undercovered the travails of young, rich, white ladies

Dear Sirs:

I was most upset when I received my copy of your newsrag yesterday. The front page was covered with all manner of so-called “news items” from all corners of this ghastly world, and yet not a single inch of column space was devoted to the news of real importance. I refer, of course, to the “performance” of Miss Lillian Gish, lady-actor, during the Broadway Ceremony of Honorary Awards Banquet, held Tuesday last. Her “song,” if one can call such warbling a song, was a terrifying mish-mash of obscenities and irrelevancies, making it the topic of conversation from 42nd street to parts unknown, yet your editorial board insisted that some situation in the “Balkans” is more important.

Let me tell you, Americans such as myself know what is important, and all this talk of powder kegs and labor unrest and the trust-busting of Mr. W.H. Taft, why it all reeks of communism. Why not cover the news that good, hard-working, church-going Americans wish to hear? Namely, that a young, attractive woman caused a minor stir at an event affecting a tiny segment of the population? Frankly, I find it hard to believe that reports of some Archduke visiting some country with an unpronounceable name could have any more relevance to the average American than reports that Miss Gish did twirl her posterior in such a way as to cause older ladies a severe case of the vapors. In future, please constrain your “reporting” to those reports which we may be inclined to read.

Yours respectfully,

Mrs. A.N. Stoute


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  1. marianne

    Did you see Miley????I am dumbstruck if you were watching the MTV video awards. Unless it was just for the N’Sync reunion.

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