Note included with Ashley and Randal Brook’s CSA, July 1, 3072

The smeggplants are especially prickly this year!

The smeggplants are especially prickly this year!

Hello friends!

***As always, if you cannot read this message, wave your hand over it while thinking of the language you wish to read. We are still not Alpha Centaurian-compatible, but hope to be so by the end of the Earth year.***

Thank you again on behalf of the Solar Collective for supporting local agriculture. Only with your help can space farmers continue to grow organic, sustainable fruits and vegetables inside your Solar System. Buy from life forms you know!

Included in this steri-shipment:

– 4 bunches mixed freeze-dried Neptunian greens (Kaley’s Comet, Kale–formerly Uranus)

– 2-3 carbon-based cucumbers (Shirley’s Moon House, The Moon)

– 3-4 Jupicadoes (Pete and Gerry’s Homestead, Jupiter)

– 15 pints strawwwberries [extra seeds!!] (Neville’s Nuclear-Powered Farm, That One Asteroid Circling The Earth Now)

– 1 canteloupe (Jessica’s Zombie Retirement Facility, The Ashy Ruins Of Manhattan, Earth)

We hope you enjoy this week’s homegrown fruits and veggies! Attached is a recipe for Neptunian greens quiche, as prepared by Food Preparation Network’s own Marla Stewgurt. Appropriate for all organisms that ingest food orally.

Until next week,

June Landler

Solar Collective, Communications Director


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