Alan Jeeves to a Customer, August 1771

Alan Jeeves compiles some search results with two unidentified apprentices, c. 1777

Alan Jeeves compiles some search results with two unidentified apprentices, c. 1777

Selma Gonzalez, a housewife from Brixton, Ohio, found this letter while on vacation in Scotland. Our analysts believe it to be the earliest known example of search results.

Dear Mr. Douglas,

My most sincere thank you for your use of Jeeves’ information service. Pertaining to your request, dated May of this year, for information regarding “purchasing comfortable underthings,” I have discovered the following 149 items which may interest you.

  1. A Mr. Helmock, located on Chelmsworth Road, was heard not last weekend advertising a new type of undershort, made of cotton, believed to be the most comfortable in the county by some degree. He accepts appointment by post.
  2. Charles T. Buchanan, Irishman, has made a formal complaint to Parliament regarding uncomfortable shorts on the island and their contribution to religious strife. The government appears unmoved. For more, please check the January 4th edition of the London Business Post.
  3. Mrs. Andrew Dowell offers young housewives live demonstration in washing underthings in such a manner as to maintain their comfort and freshness. Please join her October 12th at Dowager Street Kent if interested.
  4. Stuart James MacDowell, Scotsman and Protestant, offers gentleman’s underthings at reasonable cost. Surrey. Please take note of our special this week on bathing trunks.
  5. In case you were writing in front of a vicar and had to have used coded language, please take note of the offer of Mr. Jenks of Sheepsmeade. For sale, one printed pamphlet reproducing images of ladies in their underthings, accompanied by the finest in lewd poetry.
  6. You might be interested to know that a comfortable duvet is available for purchase in your area. Please write Mr. Edward Jerreth under Things Road, Wilshire.

Please refer to page 2 of 30 for a continued list.


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