A Bruins Fan to his Employer, June 13, 2013

... Just ... Dammit

… Just … Dammit

Dear Ted,

I will not be able to make it in to work today owing to being sick. It’s not because the Bruins made me sick. I think I picked up food poisoning or something, and it’s definitely not because Chara hit that $%&* post at the end of the 2nd OT. And even though I would be well within my rights to become sick after watching Oduya (who?) get that lucky B.S. goal off Ference’s skate. Seriously, who the $%&* is that guy?

Anyways, as I said, Great Aunt Moog’s wake is this afternoon in Hull, so I won’t be able to come in. Poor old Uncle Janney  is just devastated. Mostly because of his wife, but also because that little shit Shaw had to get the winning goal. If it was someone like Toews or Kane, fair enough. But that frickin’ douche scoring on a goddamn double deflection, lucky-ass, goal? I hope Thornton kicks his ass on Saturday for being a little bitch.

But as I said, I won’t be into work today, and maybe the rest of the week. It’s not because of the Bruins. It’s because a funeral or whatever. But seriously, how did Dagovins not score?



Sean’s boss responds:

Dear Sean,

I won’t be in either. I think we’ll just close the office. Fuckin’ Bruins.



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One response to “A Bruins Fan to his Employer, June 13, 2013

  1. marianne

    This office is really dragging this morning. no one showed up on time.

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