Two Benghazi Emails Realeased by the White House, May 15, 2013

Seems like all the evidence we need to impeach

FROM: Alan Jergis (

TO: Sandy Statham (

CC: Will Benson (

RE: Benghazi Talking Points


Are you caught up with Mad Men yet? It’s taking forever for them to release season 5 on Netflix. I’m thinking of just breaking down and buying the DVDs. I think POTUS said he was going to get a Blu-Ray player for the screening room. If I got Season 5 on Blu Ray do you think he would let us watch it there?

Also, w.r.t Benghazi, should we call it “terrorism” or an “act of terror”? I feel like something dumb like this matters to Republicans, since they don’t have anything better to do with their time. Lindsay Graham’s Chief of Staff said he thought this was an impeachable offense. Of course, since getting a Beej in the Oval Office is also an impeachable offense, I’m pretty sure B.O. could have been impeached by now.



FROM: Sandy Statham (

TO: Alan Jergis (

CC: Will Benson (; Dana Fraticelli (

RE: Benghazi Talking Points

Al –

LOL. Republicans will probably drop this as soon as they realize there’s nothing scandalous about the tragedy. They won’t want anyone to talk about the 13 times this happened under Bush. PS I knew Michelle was in the office the other day when the doors were locked. I saw the two of them come out looking sheepish. I wonder if having sex with your actual wife is an impeachable offense for Rs. Do any of them still do it?

POTUS loves Mad Men, obvs. I’ll ask him about the screening room. I’m sure he would be totally into the idea. Jon Hamm in hi-def on the big screen? Swoon!



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