Department of Letterology of the University of Helsinki, February 6, 2013

File:Fireworks in San Jose California 2007 07 04 by Ian Kluft img 9618.jpg

Congratulations! Here’s another round of grant money!

Dear Sirs:

A most hearty congratulations on achieving your milestone of 200 letters! We here in the Department would like to thank you for the work you’ve done in bringing the often incomprehensible world of letters to the laypeople. We would like to honor you with another caviar and fois gras luncheon, but unfortunately due to budget cuts you’ll have to settle for pizza. One topping only please.

As we hurtle forth into the great unknown that is the future, it is comforting to know that your internet newsletter will be guiding the way. As Kant famously wrote, “that which is, is, and that which is in New Jersey, is nothing.”

Latinus Phrasus Pompous,

Sven Ananlaeuua

Chair, Department of Letterology and Carpet Cleaning


It’s hard to believe that in just two years History of the Letter has reached 200 posts. This letter accompanied the Galbert G. Hodgkis Award for Excellence in Academic Excellence. The Hodgkisser (sorry, inside joke to the letter analysis community!) is the seventh award we’ve received in the past two years. Most recently, we won the Amanda Louisson Geopiana-Smith Award for Scholarly Achievement from the Midwestern Letter Society of the Midwest, which was presented by Professor Alvin F. Yu, a remarkable honor for us.

As we prepare to venture forth, it is important to remember where we came from, and to give thanks to our letters. We’ve traveled all over the world, putting our lives and families on hold, and once even flying coach to gather our collection. Without it, we would just be two people sitting in an expensive condominium analyzing cereal boxes.


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