Jerry Busby to his friends, November 14th, 2004

It’s gotta be better than this, right?

Hey guys!

It looks like we’ll be staying in the for Thanksgiving as well. So let’s start a new tradition! How would you guys like to have a Thanksgiving dinner at our place? It can’t be that hard if we break everything up amongst ourselves. I would do the turkey, but my oven isn’t big enough to fit one. Actually, I guess nobody has a big enough oven. So I’ll make turkey-based lasagne.

Todd, please bring mashed potatoes and gravy (or frozen tater tots). Art, please bring stuffing (or pizza). Also, if anyone has any extra chairs, please bring them. I only have a couch and two stools. Everyone else (Josh, Mike, Kirsta & Li, Jagdesh, Teddy & Fred, Mitch, Kelly A., Kelly B.) please bring booze.

This is going to be so much fun! We’re like friend-family!

Also, please bring plates/forks/napkins.



Thanksgiving traditions have to start somewhere. From these humble beginnings, Jerry Busby’s “Thanksgiving” “Dinner” blossomed into occurring one more time before everyone decided to go some place nicer in 2006. Unfortunately, no one told Jerry. His anger at his friends also blossomed into something wonderful: a supervillain identity. Renaming himself “The Gobbler,” he’s spent the last several Thanksgivings breaking into people’s houses and covering their dinner in lasagna.

He remains the fourth most vigilant holiday-themed supervillain.


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