Spokesman for Warren G. Harding to the New York Times on Women Voters, September 1920

We will literally fill these with lady-voters


I am incensed to hear that you do not believe our campaign has made any effort to court these newfound “lady-voters” or “women of the booth.” Yes, the Senator was against the 19th Amendment when it was passed. But he is on record as saying he would not repeal it. How could anyone not construe that as support?

Indeed, the campaign has made every effort to engage these voters, though it’s likely they’ll just duplicate their husbands’ votes. The Senator has proposed a bill to eliminate the Irish, freeing up jobs for women all over the country. He has proposed making washing soaps more dainty. He has even called for increasing Federally mandated maternity leave to 2 hours. These are real pillars of lady-issues.

Finally, the Senator has tried incredibly hard to find any qualified women to talk to about politics. When he decided to run, he told me to “round up a file cabinet full of women who know anything about anything besides babies and stews.” And thanks to that initiative, we should be able to find upwards of 60 such women by 1924. Really, there’s nothing more to say.


Christopher L. Watts, Harding ’20


Ever since the passage of the Suffrage Act, the men who run everything have been trying to figure out how to get the support they need from the “daintier” half of the voting population. Initially, Warren G. Harding opposed the act, proposing instead that women be allowed to vote for “president of their kitchens.” Harding eventually had to face facts, and modern politicians have followed in his shockingly enormous footsteps.

At times, they have even tried to appeal to women voters by opposing man-driven legislation, like the Bikini Act of 1987, the Unfair Pay Act of 1976, and the 1993 Blow Job Wednesdays Bill, even though it meant going against their own man-interests.

In the 2012 election, appealing to women voters has been just as important–but not more important, not more, dammit–as ever. Ann Romney, the wife of Republican “candidate” Mitt Romney, has replaced every third word she says with the word “women” so that women know that women are on women her mind. Women. Meanwhile, Barack Obama wore a pink suit to the second election to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness month, and was mortified when he saw that Tuck, an uncommitted voter with a question about job growth, was wearing the exact same shade.


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