LivingSocial to subscribers, October 3, 2011

This Week’s Top Deals!

One Month Unlimited Getting Your Ass Kicked >>

Toast Dinner for Two >>

12-Hour Pool Fitness Class >>

$50 Toward Kazoo Lessons >>

Terrible Play About Cowboys, Front-Row Ticket >>

$225 Toward Appendectomy >>

9-Day Tour Plus Flights To Syria >>


Popular daily Spamvertisements like Living Social, Groupon, and Joe McDougal’s Good Time Email Coupon List have become a good way for people devastated by worldwide economic disaster to get out of their apartment and do something for a night. By providing coupons and offers for not just products, but activities, these companies somehow make money.

When it first started, Living Social sent out more old-fashioned coupons: free cantaloupe with purchase of honeydew, 1/2 price pants with purchase of larger, more hilarious pants, or perhaps free movie ticket with the purchase of 10 bus tickets, etc. However, the company quickly realized that in today’s society, the use of coupons was totally lame. So they upped their game by offering discounted prices on things like painting lessons, ant-watching trips, or couples psychic counseling.

As the company became more popular, questions were raised about the terms and conditions about many of their coupons. For example, their “4-day, 3-night cruise to some islands near North Carolina” required that the trip be completed in 2 nights. The popular “get some movie tickets for less than the price of movie tickets usually” actually made you pay twice as much if you went on a Saturday or in the Fall. As companies became as weary as consumers (For example, Barnes and Noble objected to the “get free books from Barnes and Noble by giving us 20 bucks and then shoplifting” promotion), Living Social was forced to try so more unique avenues like the ones advertised above. That said, $50 still goes a long way towards helping learn the Kazoo.


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